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How to Choose the perfect Lingerie for your Luxury Boudoir Session

Let’s face it; it can be seriously nerve-wracking to figure out what to wear for your boudoir photoshoot!

Garter belts? Pasties? Stockings?! Lingerie can be super intimidating—especially when you’re already nervous to get in front of the camera! Where do you start? And, honestly, do you even need lingerie?

Well, let me say this first: when you’re prepping for your boudoir shoot, you should wear whatever makes you feel like your truest, most confident self! Our goal here is to make you look & feel as sexy in your own skin, as humanly possible exactly as you are, so everything you bring with you should make you feel super gorgeous.

To help you get started, here are a few of my guidelines for picking the perfect boudoir photoshoot lingerie!

Going Monochromatic is always a good choice.

You totally don’t have to wear a matching set, or even a full lingerie set at all! But picking pieces that are all the same color helps keep the focus on how gorgeous you look in the lingerie, rather than the lingerie itself. For that same reason, I also love black lingerie, which emphasizes your coloring and shows off your gorgeous skin.

If you want to try on some styles in person, check out the lingerie shop Sugar Cookies Lingerie in New York. They carry a lot of cute indie lingerie lines that you might not see anywhere else in the city (who doesn’t want to have a cute unique piece for their session??), and can even fit you for a bra if it’s been a while and you aren’t sure what size to buy!

Blonde woman laying on bed in red bra and underwear boudoir photography new york studio

Find A Badass Bodysuit

My number one lingerie recommendation, if you take any of our advice, is this: find a bodysuit (muted pinks and purples go great with our studio space, and you can’t go wrong with black) that you feel fantastic in! Any body-hugging style is perfect, as long as you know you look hot as hell in it.

A bodysuit with high-cut leg holes will elongate your legs, and a deep plunge will (of course - the more cleavage, the better) show off the girls nicely. Lace or sheer paneling will emphasize your curves and look awesome in photos, too. But no matter what, as long as you feel confident in it, it’s perfect.

Blonde woman laying on rug in purple lace lingerie boudoir photography new york studio

A black or nude thong is a Solid Staple

Whether it’s lacy and sheer or a basic cotton, your butt will always look good in this classic style! If you absolutely hate thongs (totally understandable, by the way), find a cheeky panty, or a panty that shows off more of your booty than a regular brief or bikini.

If you’re self conscious about your backside, look for something with ruching or gathers along the back center seam. That detail is not only super cute, but is also guaranteed to make everyone’s butt look good. And make sure they’re a classic low-rise cut, which will look better in photos than high-waisted, full coverage panties.

woman kneeling on couch in black underwear boudoir photography new york studio
brunette woman laying on wood floor in gray lace robe boudoir photography new york studio

Don’t be afraid - BE BOLD.

Have you always wanted to try a cupless ouvert bra, but never had an excuse to buy one? What about rhinestone pasties? Or have you dreamt about buying a lingerie set with garter belt and stockings in your favorite color? HELL YES, let’s do it, babe!

This is your opportunity to celebrate yourself and release that sexy piece of yourself that I PROMISE is in there. Even if you spend every day in yoga pants and an old t-shirt taking care of your kids, or you’re at an office all day in slacks and a button-up, don’t be afraid to let go and pick something just a liiiittle outside your comfort zone. You’ll be surprised in the best way when you see the photos!

No budget? No problem!

We have an entire wardrobe of lingerie in sizes XS through 3X, so you can take a deep breath before you swipe your card for $60+ at Victoria’s Secret for this one day, and set aside more of your budget towards the reveal appointment, and into your gorgeous artwork! Bring a couple pieces of lingerie you really love, your favorite bra/panty set, and we’ll accent them with pretty little things that will have you looking flawless in photos and highlight your most flattering feminine features!

Leave the babydolls and flowy robes at home.

These lounge-y pieces are wonderful for being sexy around your house, but they simply won’t translate well in boudoir photography. Hiding your figure can make you look bigger, and besides, I want you to see how beautiful you truly are—not the you that’s hiding behind that big ole curtain of fabric!

It’s totally normal to feel nervous about showing so much skin, especially in front of a camera, with someone you barely know! And I do have a few robes in my lingerie wardrobe that we can incorporate, particularly if you’re anxious at first. However, my team and I do our very best to make sure you’re as comfortable in our space as you are at home. And trust me: the less you cover up, the more gorgeous you’ll look in your photos!

Plus size brunette woman kneeing in purple lingerie with mirror boudoir photography New York Studio

Ditch The Lingerie Altogether

There are so many ways to emphasize your figure that don’t necessarily require lingerie, and at the risk of sounding too confident, I’ll just go ahead and say it…I can make anything look sexy. I love a big, fluffy sweater with a pair of panties for a cute cozy look that shows off your shapely legs. Or imagine yourself in a clingy wet t-shirt on a hot day! We can even do a cute tank top and sporty brief, if you’re all about that fit vibe.

Close up wet white tank top nipples boudoir photography new york studio

Whatever you wear, Wear it with Confidence!

At the end of the day, you want to feel like your truest self for your photoshoot: that confident, sexy soul that’s hidden beneath all the bullshit society throws at us everyday. My goal as your boudoir photographer is to show you how beautiful your body is right now, to remind you how that badass babe you’ve been trying to become already glows within you, exactly as you are. Not after losing 15 pounds, not after your skin clears up, not after your hair grows out. There is beauty in your mere existence, and you are truly perfect every single day, not just when you meet a certain goal. I can’t wait to help you see that beauty for yourself!

Are you ready to see yourself in a new light?