Hallie + Nicolas: An Autumn Engagement Session In Ohio

After spending the day with these two, to say that they are wildly in love is a vast understatement. When Hallie called me up and asked for a natural, adventurous, cozy autumn engagement session, I knew that we were going to have a blast. Capturing their connection and telling the story of their lighthearted, adventurous love was my goal from the moment I met these lovebirds. 

As we set out into a multicolor forest, we began to chat and get to know each other. They insisted that, surely, I would have to correct their awkwardness in front of the camera, to which I said, simply, "just be yourselves...don't be afraid to talk, laugh, and be close with each other and I'll take care of the rest." Sure enough, we found a groove within mere minutes - and I think I speak for everyone when I say that their love for one another just leaps off the page! 

Before we knew it, we were laughing like old friends. We wandered off the trail, picknicked beneath a light autumn drizzle, and exchanged stories throughout the whole of their session. As we were leaving Cuyahoga Valley, I was asked to be their destination wedding photographer next August - and I truly couldn't be more thrilled to be the one behind the lens at the start of their forever.

Kelly + Rowan: A Home Full Of Love

There's no other way to say it: Kelly + Sean belong together. I'm only one of many who will, without pause, surely say the same. High-school sweethearts now several blissful years into their marriage, their love of the Lord and one another fills the air and dances lightheartedly through their home. A home that wears the perfect clean, minimalistic aesthetic like a glove, ornamented with beautiful hand painted decor spouting words of bravery, love, and the warmest of welcomes. 

When I first met Rowan, I was mystified by her beauty, inquisitive nature, and innate sense of serenity. I heard her cry once in the time that I spent with her, and it was only really half a cry. I could go on and on about how precious this baby girl is, but the truly amazing thing - and what I set out to capture in its purest form - is how cherished, how cared for, how loved she truly is. Whether they're flaunting their picture perfect family on social media, or sharing anecdotes that are merely an excuse to reference The Office, every moment shared with this lovely family is to be cherished. 

Hands full of apple cider and other autumn-flavored ingredients for our day together (because I never need an excuse for sweet treats), I made my way over to Kelly's house on an overcast afternoon. Rowan (or as her friends so affectionately call her, Moochie) was just waking from her 2nd nap of the day - my kind of gal - and she was wide-eyed, full of wonder, and smiling endlessly at her mama. Amidst our chats of married life, our favorite documentaries, living vegan, and cleaning up the little surprises their sweet-yet-attention-hungry pup, Bear, left around the house, I captured some truly beautiful moments between this mother-daughter-duo that leave me feeling so proud and grateful to know these two beauties. 

IMG_4036 3.JPG