Vincent + JJ: Engagement at the Cleveland Museum of Art

Vincent, JJ, and I met online. They needed a photographer - and soon - and I just happened to be the one to reach out. Before we knew it, we were at starbucks laughing over tea + coffee, making plans like it was nothing. 

We made plans to meet at the Cleveland Museum of Art on a bright sun-shiny fall day. The sun was hanging high, leaving no room for gloom. After weaving through rooms draped in ancient armory and masterpieces of all kinds, I found my way to the foyer, waving down to the lovely couple. Vincent was beaming; behind him, JJ was a vision dressed in a gorgeous traditional Korean costume masquerading as the perfect summer skirt, and we were all smiles from the start. We glided through the museum, indoors and out, chatting about our days and evening plans like old friends. To spend time with Vincent + JJ, who were clearly so elated and open about telling their story, was such a gift. Thank you both for letting me be a part of this special day.

** As I was editing their shoot, the power went out on my block (yikes!). I spent the full evening listening to The Paper Kites and editing by candlelight, which was...AMAZING ** 

The couple has asked me to refrain from including too many shots of their faces for professional and personal reasons.