Hallie + Nicolas: An Autumn Engagement Session In Ohio

After spending the day with these two, to say that they are wildly in love is a vast understatement. When Hallie called me up and asked for a natural, adventurous, cozy autumn engagement session, I knew that we were going to have a blast. Capturing their connection and telling the story of their lighthearted, adventurous love was my goal from the moment I met these lovebirds. 

As we set out into a multicolor forest, we began to chat and get to know each other. They insisted that, surely, I would have to correct their awkwardness in front of the camera, to which I said, simply, "just be yourselves...don't be afraid to talk, laugh, and be close with each other and I'll take care of the rest." Sure enough, we found a groove within mere minutes - and I think I speak for everyone when I say that their love for one another just leaps off the page! 

Before we knew it, we were laughing like old friends. We wandered off the trail, picknicked beneath a light autumn drizzle, and exchanged stories throughout the whole of their session. As we were leaving Cuyahoga Valley, I was asked to be their destination wedding photographer next August - and I truly couldn't be more thrilled to be the one behind the lens at the start of their forever.