Image Courtesy of Ashlyn Hale

Image Courtesy of Ashlyn Hale

Brittnie Price headshot camera boudoir photography new york studio

I'm Brittnie, your New york city coffee-loving, purple-haired feminist and I adore you already!

I specialize in intimate boudoir photography because I feel so passionately that true beauty doesn't have a shape, size, age, or look. Having struggled with self love for a good part of my life, I have dedicated my photography business to showing every woman who comes to me exactly how amazingly beautiful she is, inside and out!

I spend a ton of time behind the camera, but recently I took the leap and had a session myself (yep, that's me up there) so you can trust that you're in good hands! I'm here to take care of you through your whole Luxury Boudoir Experience - I'll pose & coach you, help you choose the perfect wardrobe, and help you hand choose the photos that you absolutely love, design your albums and wall art - the whole shebang!

Each self love intimate photography session is designed with YOU in mind - complete with professional hair, makeup, and wardrobe styling. each session is personalized to inspire you to embrace the truly beautiful & confident woman you are. I'm 1000% dedicated to making you feel your absolute best and own your beautiful, just as you are, RIGHT NOW. Celebrate the absolutely amazing things that make you the beautiful badass woman that you are and give yourself the gift of self love and bring your confidence to life! You are SO worth it, babe!

Be fierce. Be bold. Be a badass. Be YOU.

When you're ready, let's do this and do it right. Contact me to schedule your Empowerment Session.

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